Jeanene, or as her students refer to her, “Yogini Jeanie” started on her yoga journey when she attended a yoga class suggested by a friend at the Ashram in central Phoenix when she was 22 years old.  Kundalini yoga was her very first practice and although she felt intimidated, at first by seeing the devoted participants in head coverings, she loved the way she felt when she left class that day and continued to go back.  By her third class, she was hooked.

Life then took her away from the practice until she was seeking relief for stress and decided to take a class from At One Yoga, the studio being close to where she lived.  As soon as students started to move, she was surprised about this type of yoga.  This was nothing like the Kundalini yoga she had practiced earlier in her life and although the practice was different, she enjoyed the full body movement of this Hatha practice.  She practiced Hatha for several years.

Life once again had another turn and took her temporarily away from the practice.  She got married and had two children as well as a thriving mobile business teaching gymnastics, dance, P.E. and swim lessons to children traveling to schools during the school year and homes for swim lessons..  Her business quickly grew from 40 students in 4 schools to over 750 students in 35 schools with 25 employees in a span of 12 years.

Yogini Jeanie has branded her own refreshing, enthusiastic, unique and creative style of quality teaching in the field of dance, gymnastics, P.E., swimming and yoga for thousands of children, parents and teachers for over the past 25 years. Her unique children’s yoga program, Fitness Fusion For Kids Yoga, is an imaginative, multi-sensory program focusing on connecting the hemispheres of the brain through a series of poses, unilateral/cross lateral dynamic movements, rhythm through song, yoga poses and breathing.

In November of 2007, she started yoga classes again at At One Yoga and saw a flyer about a teacher training program being offered and was drawn by the idea.  Her intuition kept nudging her gently forward and some syncronicities started to happen that prompted her to enroll in the upcoming Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Program in January 2008.   It was during her Hatha training at At One Yoga that she started taking Kundalini classes again at the Ashram in Phoenix and it was like going back home.  She then enrolled the following year, 2009, in Kundalini Yoga teacher training.

She holds a 200 hr. yoga certification in both Hatha, from At One Yoga under the guidance of John Salisbury and Alex Austin, and Kundalini yoga, under the guidance of Sevak Singh Khalsa and Sangeet Kaur Khalsa, from Yoga Phoenix as well as a 500 hr. advanced yoga certification in Astanga from Dave’s Astanga Yoga with David Oliver and Cheryl Oliver.  In addition, she was personally mentored by Gila Shire in Yin/Restorative Yoga and she attends numerous workshops and trainings in order to learn new techniques and ways of teaching to bring back to her students.

Enjoying and believing in the therapeutic effects of many different types of healing modalities, Jeanene went on to be trained in playing the Symphonic Gong with Sevak, Sangeet and Jere Friedman, Crystal Bowls with Ronee Kipnes and Tryshe Dhevney, is a Reiki 3 (healing energy through the hands) certified healer through Sangeet Kaur Khalsa and trained in Yoga Nidra (guided meditation) through Steve Price. Jeanene also completed a 75-hour yoga nidra certification with Kamini Desai in the Amrit Method of Yoga Nidra and is 50-hour aerial yoga certified through Carmen Curtis of AIReal Yoga.

Jeanene’s mission is to offer relaxation and relief  from our busy, every day lives through the deeper connection to our inner self.  She currently teaches Yin/Restorative, Kundalini, Aerial Yoga, Kid’s Yoga, Corporate Yoga/Meditation, Yoga Nidra/guided imagery/intention/breath Meditations and plays the Symphonic Gong and Crystal Bowls in many of her classes.





Jeanene Farley
Yogini Jeanie