Mighty Minnows Swim Lessons

The Mighty Minnows Swim Program believes that every child needs to know how to swim.  We teach children from the very fearful to the most daring adventurer.  Our creative use of stories, songs and games help each child learn to swim in a safe, enthusiastic, fun, imaginative and creative environment.  Because children come from water, in the mother’s womb, it is our mission to teach children what they have forgotten; to feel safe in the water.

Swimming is unlike any of the other programs we teach in that fear of the water for a child can hinder them in many other areas of their lives.  We have found, through experience, that when children learn to swim it really helps lift their spirits and raise their self-esteem.  Children then go on to excel and learn other activities with greater ease by eliminating this fear.

2006-2007 & kidtopia 2902The water is a beautiful medium in which a child can explore the weightless wonder and quiet solitude that being underwater brings.  One of the greatest gifts you can offer your child is to teach them to swim so they can independently help themselves to the side of the pool and climb out on their own.  Allow your child to feel the freedom and experience the liberation that learning to swim brings! :)

We come to your home, during the summer months of May – August, to teach private and semi-private swim lessons.  Lessons are available other months of the year with access to a pool that is heated to 88 – 90 degrees.


2006-2007We work with children from 6 months old and up as well as stroke technique for those going on to swim team and adult swim lessons is an extension of this program.



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