Fitness Fusion for Kids Yoga

The Fitness Fusion For Kids Yoga Program is an imaginative, multi-sensory program focusing on connecting the hemispheres of the brain through a series of poses, unilateral/cross lateral dynamic movements, rhythm through song and breathing. 

Statistics show that when both hemispheres of the brain are connecting and engaged, children are able to relax and it is in that relaxation and engagement that learning becomes quick, effortless and their comprehension and retention of what is learned will have long lasting, positive effects.

Once children learn to “turn-on” their brains in this way, they can access these exercises at any time throughout their school day. In the classroom this translates into being more alert, aware, and children are able to pay attention to the material presented in any subject area with greater ease.

Some benefits of Fitness Fusion For Kid’s Yoga:

  • Gain a heightened self esteem and confidence
  • Balance, flexibility, coordination and overall strength
  • Tapping into creativity and imagination
  • Learn how to access that peaceful, calm space within
  • Body awareness
  • Boosts communication and teamwork

 Visit our media gallery  to view photos or a video of the kids in action!

These helpful articles for healthy childhood growth and development ( below) are used in the Fitness Fusion For Kids Program! 






Jeanene Farley
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