When you think of kid’s coaching, what comes to mind? Probably a little league coach for baseball, soccer or football, right? That is exactly what I think of as well.

When I heard of the concept of a kid’s life coach, I was like, huh? Why would a child need to be life coached when they are young and still experiencing life and discovering the world around them? They are not yet working, do not have a family to support, or need to set goals for their personal health yet either.

Then it hit me! Being a parent is the only “job” I know of where there is no formal training on how to do it, a “test” to take to make sure you know the material and are qualified to parent, or has a manual to read when trying to determine how to handle any situation. Yet, this is the most important job we can have; to positively influence another human being to be equipped with the tools needed for a life of kindness, love, purpose and contributing to making the world a better place.

So much has changed in the over 31 years I have been teaching. Back when I started teaching gymnastics, over 30 years ago, we would never take a 2 year old in class. They were just too young and did not have the attention span to last very long or the coordination to be able to do the skills we were teaching. In our rapidly changing and ever evolving world, 2 year olds can handle a class just fine today.

In many ways the evolution of our world has been a great with advancement in technology and things being more accessible right at our fingertips. In other ways it’s been more of a break down in home life with the divorce rate being so high, kids allergic to many more things due to our foods being highly processed and increased GMO’s, and an early introduction to technology can cause kids to be less active.

I didn’t learn that I had the ability to control my own thoughts, what an affirmation was/how to use them, how limiting beliefs can sabotage your life, or even how my diet directly related to how I felt, internally, until I was close to 30! Wow! How much would my life have changed if I learned this earlier? Where might I be now?

Enter SELF CARE coaching for kids! I feel the positive change for the future is empowering our youth today. Kids are sponges and given the tools early on will powerfully equip them with solutions to help them feel calm, centered and connected. When things get difficult in life, they can recall those tools and use them at any time to help themselves.

Just think of the amazing things kids could create by focusing their attention on their inherent strengths and passions early in life while learning to build on that skillset. Having the mindset to know who and what they truly are, that they are bright lights here to make our world a better place, they matter and are valuable and to listen to their inner voice of wisdom on which way to go next. This is the world I envision for all children. 😊