Kid’s Yoga Teacher Training Program

Teacher’s will learn the following for children ages 2- 5 years (modifications for ages 6 – 10 years):

  • Exercises and techniques to keep children alert and engaged throughout their learning process.
  • Enhance each child’s retention of the material learned; therefore minimizing behavior issues.
  • Learn techniques to help the most common behavior issues that occur with children.
  • Props for kid’s yoga, 10 – 15 “must-haves” for class.
  • How to use props effectively.

Everyone will walk away with 10 – 15 different imaginative, unique and fun techniques to make learning fun and easier for children by doing exercises that will help strengthen the connection between the right and left brain hemispheres.  This connection allows children to be relaxed and in that relaxation the learning becomes quick, easy and effortless.  With the use of  props and story telling, children stay alert, engaged and have fun throughout the learning process.  Come learn this fun, unique and imaginative way to teach children effectively! :)

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Jeanene Farley
Yogini Jeanie