Yippee, my new website has launched!

Wow, what a labor of love it has been to design a new website!  Being that my very aged and outdated website turned 12 years old this summer, yes I said 12, you can imagine how much has changed over the years.

I had wanted my new website to be ready by March…..then our world had other plans it seems.  This was definitely, what I call, a rerouting opportunity because as this change happened, I needed to restructure because the work I was doing in preschools with children had disappeared almost entirely.

Being clairaudient, intuitively hearing guidance, for as long I can remember, a year ago I kept hearing “get your programs online” and was working toward that.  I also had visions of a new, more interactive way of sharing my programs to empower and uplift others.

I love the creative process, creating something from what appears to be nothing is like oxygen to me.  It invigorates my soul and fuels my passion.

I’m thrilled with how it looks, my new services and products as well as how it truly captures my personality and where I am in my life and with my business today.

I want to thank Terri Romine of Fusion Online Marketing Agency (www.fusiononlinemarketingagency.com) and her team for working tirelessly on my very customized website!  She and her team are amazing and truly take the client experience to a heightened level.  From explaining “autoresponders” – what a concept haha! to talking me through the best way to create/construct a blog, to design changes, using video on the website as well as in my responders, she really went above and beyond to be sure I understood things and I was happy with the site overall.  If you are in need of a website or to redesign your current site, I give Terri and her company my highest recommendation!

I have created two new programs I am excited about which are Energy Alignment Activation and Self Care Coaching for Kids.  In the Energy Alignment, I hold sacred, intentional space during meditation for your goal, intention or challenge you are wanting to transform, add the high vibration frequencies of sound enhancement tools such as Gong, Crystal Bowls, Drums, Chimes for a 7-days. You’ll receive a customized yoga nidra guided meditation to listen to every day during our time together, a numerology reading on your destiny number – based off your birthdate – and I share with you any uploaded guidance I receive.

The Self Care Coaching for Kids is based on 8 pillars of empowerment.  I didn’t learn about or even know what self care was until I was 30!  I kept thinking, what if kids learned self care tools to understanding their uniqueness, exercises for full body/mind integration, releasing limiting beliefs, finances as it relates to the law of attraction, the 4 C’s of confidence, curiosity, courage and connection, affirmations/intentions, reliance and resilience as well as emotional intelligence and how best to manage their emotions.  How might their lives be changed for the better?  I even wondered where I might be in my own life if I had the opportunity to learn these concepts in my formative years where they could really take root.

This whole new website experience has taught me so much about fear, to dream beyond my limited small “self” and expand, expand expand!

What are you dreaming of?  What may be holding you back?  Our world is different now and it’s requesting that each of us to step up and be, do and share our offerings differently.  If I can do it, even after 12 years, so can you!


Yogini Jeanie