Children’s need for mental health tools is on the rise. I was inspired to write this post after talking with a mom of one of my students that took yoga from me. She contacted me to get private coaching for her daughter because it was going to take her 3 months to get an appointment to see a therapist for her daughter’s anxiety. 3 months! What? I was surprised about that but with what we all have currently experienced in our world, it made sense.

Another parent called me as well because her son has battled with depression and now it has escalated even more due to their family experiencing rapid change in their home environment with the loss of a loved one.

We, as a nation, have gone through so much since the beginning of this pandemic. I know it has touched us all in one way or another. Whether through job loss, having to move, pivot your current business or unfortunately having to close the doors, not be able to see elderly family members for a period of time or not at all if they are in an assisted living facility, children not being able to see peers/friends which is critical to a child’s on-going development and possibly the constant worry about how to make ends meet for your family with all this change.

We are also going through great change energetically as our collective consciousness is intertwined on a deeper and subtle level. All old paradigms that no longer work are crumbling before our very eyes due to our souls request for something more in alignment with the way we have all spiritually evolved to this point. The “structures” that be have not been able to keep up with that change.
I was reading an article about how suicide among the 10 – 24 year old age group is the second leading cause of death with those numbers increasing steadily since 2007 and that isn’t even taking into account the pandemic. That really hurt my heart as I love kids and helping them has been my mission for some time now.

World mental health day is Saturday, October 10th this year and I wanted to provide a few simple yet profound tools that tween/teens can do to help calm their nervous system. I have provided those in the accompanying video to this blog.

I envision a world where all children have access to and are equipped with movement exercises and mindset tools to manage stress and regulate emotion in order to move forward in life with greater confidence and compassion. I love that these tools can be used and practiced any where and at any time they are needed. This is something children will take with them and use throughout the rest of their lives because they will FEEL the shift that happens when using the tools. They already know, on a soul-level, that these tools make a difference and can now re-remember what they have forgotten as they came into physical form.

My heart goes out to all, especially children, during this time and I am here to help in any way that is needed. Feel free to email me wth your questions, I’m happy to help!

Yogini Jeanie